CTF Programs

Students in grades 4-9 learn or build on knowledge about small tools, including instruction on safety, use of tools and their application within a project. Students learn about new materials and their physical properties for use in a project. This may also include 3D design, integration of project components, mathematics (area, volume, sizes) and programming. Initial lessons are typically presented to small groups of students, who are then free to follow up with independent design and construction of their own project.

CTF Education Classes – Online Grades 5 – 9

Students will take a variety of Engineering and Technology sessions from the courses listed below. The STEM CTF education program teaches hand skills, decision making, critical design thinking and problem solving. Students will build projects with different tools and materials allowing them to reach their creativity and keep them engaged in STEM education.


Aerospace Program

Drones Satellites
High Power Rockets
Aircraft Design

Advanced Robotics Program

Control Systems
Power Systems

Computer Science and Engineering

Systems (e.g. VR/AR gaming)

Advanced Engineering Programs

Electronics Program

Logistics Systems
Radio Frequency Systems
Small signal systems
Digital Systems

Telecommunications Program

Broadband Systems
Wireless Networks
Fibre optics

CNC (Manufacturing Program)

Renewable Energies (Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Biomass, Tidal)