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Get Involved

From volunteers and committee members to corporate sponsors, we are grateful for the support that our students, schools and system receive from community. By coming together, we make a difference for our school and the students.

If you want to talk about how you can support the school, please contact us and ask to talk to someone.

Ways to Get Connected

Get connected and stay involved, with the students and teachers at Capstone Engineering Academy with our Newsletter, Teacher Blogs and Social Media. You can communicate with your child’s teacher by phone calls and email.


We are building our newsletter and will start it up in the coming year.



We are building a message centre to keep you better informed.

Social Media

Stay connected by following one or all of our social media accounts.

Parent Council

One way parents/guardians can make a meaningful difference for students is by participating on our school’s Parent Council.

Who Can Join

  • We welcome all parents whose children attend Capstone Engineering Academy.
  • We are building a great core group of parents leading our Parent Council. We welcome and embrace new members and their input.

Why Be Involved


  • Participating in Parent Council gives you the opportunity to get to know other parents, the staff at the Capstone Engineering Academy and your school board trustees.
  • Play an active role in decisions that affect your child both on the school level and at the division level.
  • An opportunity for input on activities and programs that you would like to see implemented in our school, as well as input on funding.
  • The school council meetings are a great place to receive up-to-date information about Capstone Engineering Academy and to be involved in your child’s education. We will bring in speakers for different and interesting topics to discuss. Teachers also join us to speak about some of the new, fun and exciting things they are doing in their classrooms.

Fundraisers & Donations


There are many ways you can contribute to our school, and make a difference for the school and the students. In our school, this can include providing in-kind donations, contributing financial support and lending expertise and/or technical knowledge. Connect with our principal on what may be appropriate.

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Fundraising for the School

Occasionally the school will hold a fundraising event and we could use your support to make it a success. Let us know that you are interested and we will put you on our volunteer list.




Ways to donate to our school include:

Monetary (cash) donation

Capstone Engineering Academy will accept donations to support the school and our programs. We currently do not have charitable status and are uncable to provide a Charity Receipt.


In-kind donations of school supplies or equipment

Contact the principal to ensure these supplies or equipment are needed and can be used by the school.



Capstone Engineering Academy is grateful for the support that our students and schools receive from parent/guardian volunteers and committee members to corporate sponsors. Together we make a difference for our school and our students.

There are many different reasons to become a volunteer at Capstone Engineering Academy.

Many of our volunteers are drawn by our vision to inspire and empower future global scientists, technologists, and engineers. Some of those who volunteer with us are interested in building professional skills, others are looking to stay active after they retire, while others want to engage more with their community. Your reasons may be unique to you.

Explore how you can join our group of committed volunteers that can provide knowledge, drive, commitment and positive attitude in our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math environment. With volunteers willing to take the time to shape the minds of tomorrow we can make a better world today.

Our volunteers make a difference in the education of youth today. From Mentoring, supporting student projects, supporting at an event or providing office support, volunteers are helping to educate children.

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Contact our office to fill out a volunteer form or call us today to see how you can make a difference.


Community Engagement

The CEA’s App roach to Community Engagement

At Capstone Engineering Academy we aim to be the heart of the community. We encourage personal interaction with the community, support local functions and build a closer working relationship.

Capstone Engineering Academy will support the Calgary Maker Faire, Science Fair, Robotics competitions, offer after-school activities and community events. Building a better world for our youth of tomorrow.