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STEM Only Program

Capstone Engineering Academy offers a STEM program for Home School students. This is a Shared Responsibility program with parent led programs. The STEM program offers Science, Math and Engineering & Technology classes to home school students in our Lab of Discovery. Math and Science courses follow the Alberta Education curriculum with an immersion in STEM education.

Students learn to problem solve, critical design thinking and collaboration with our hands-on STEM program.


Engineering and Technology Courses

Students in grades 3-9 learn or build on knowledge about small tools, including instruction on safety, use of tools and their application within a project. Students learn about new materials and their physical properties for use in a project. This may also include 3D design, integration of project components, mathematics (area, volume, sizes) and programming. Course lessons are typically include academics and hands-on experience in a lab environment. Students will have opportunities with independent design and construction of their own project.

Students can select courses from one or more Engineering and Technology streams. Each of these streams have courses that relate to the field of study. The Engineering and Technology courses listed below teach systems integration, project management and engineering in a real-world environment with hands-on skills, decision making, critical design thinking and problem solving. Students will be challenged with academics and several projects over the course.

Advanced Robotics Program

Year One                                        Year Two                                        Year Three


ELT1010 Electro-assembly 1
ELT1130 Robotics 1
ELT1140 Robotics Applications
CSE1240 Robotics Programming 1
ELT1910 ELT Project A
ELT2010 Electro-assembly 2
ELT2140 Robotics 2
ELT2170 Robotics Sensor 2
ELT2180 Process Control
ELT2910 ELT Project B
ELT3140 Motors
ELT3150 Robotics 3
ELT3170 Robotics Microprocessors
ELT3180 Robotics Vision Systems
ELT3910 ELT Project D

Advanced Robotics Program

  • Power Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Sensors, Video
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Motor Systems
  • Programming

Computer Science & Engineering

Year One Year Two Year Three
CSE1010 Computer Science 1 CSE2010 Computer Science 2 CSE3010 Computer Science 3
CSE1110 Structured Programming 1 CSE2110 Procedural Programming 1 CSE3110 Iterative Algorithm 1
CSE1120 Structured Programming 2 CSE2120 Data Structures 1 CSE3120 Object-oriented Programming 1
CSE1240 Robotics Programming 1 CSE2240 Robotics Programming 2 CSE3240 Robotics Programming 3
CSE1910 CSE Project A CSE2910 CSE Project B CSE3910 CSE Project D
Computer Science & Engineering
Systems Software
Applications Systems (e.g. VR/AR gaming)

Aerospace Program

Year One Year Two Year Three
ELT1010 Electro-assembly 1 ELT2010 Electro-assembly 2 ELT3140 Motors
ELT1130 Robotics 1 ELT2140 Robotics 2 ELT3150 Robotics 3
FAB1100 Fabrication Principles ELT2170 Robotics Sensor 2 ELT3170 Robotics Microprocessors
ELT1910 ELT Project A ELT2180 Process Control ELT3180 Robotics Vision Systems
COM1275 Photography – Digital Processing 1 ELT2910 ELT Project B ELT3910 ELT Project D
Aerospace Program
Drones ELT1130 Robotics 1
Satellites ELT1010 Electro-assembly 1
Avionics ELT2010 Electro-assembly 2
High Power Rockets FAB1100 Fabrication Principles
Moon Rovers ELT2140 Robotics 2
ELT3150 Robotics 3
Astrophotography COM1275 Photography – Digital Processing 1

Telecommunications Program

Year One Year Two Year Three
ELT1010 Electro-assembly 1 NET2030 Network Structures NET3020 Digital Applications
NET2020 Workstation Technology & Operations NET3110 Telecommunications 2 NET3050 Network Operating Systems
NET1010 Digital Technology 1 NET2010 Digital Technology 2 NET3060 Wide Area Networks
NET2110 Telecommunications 1 NET2070 Local Area Networks NET3070 Routing Fundamentals
ELT1910 ELT Project A NET2910 NET Project B NET3040 Mricroprocessor Interface
NET2920 NET Project C NET3100 Network Media & Devices, Security
NET3910 Net Project D
Telecommunications Program
Broadband systems
Wireless Point-to-Point
Wireless Networks
 Fibre optics

Electrical Engineering Program

Year One Year Two Year Three
ELT1010 Electro-assembly 1 ELT2010 Electro-assembly 2 ELT3140 Motors
ELT1050 Electronic Power Supply 1 ELT2150 Electronic Controls COM3025 Electronic Layout & Publishing 2
DES1030 2-D Design 1 ELT2130 Magnetic Control Devices ELT3110 Amplifiers
ELT1090 Analog Communication 1 COM2025 Electronic Layout & Publishing 1 ELT3170 Robotics Microprocessors
NET1010 Digital Technology 1 ELT2910 ELT Project B ELT3205 Expert Systems
ELT1910 ELT Project A ELT3920 ELT Project E
Electrical Engineering Program
Electric Motors
Power Systems
Logical Systems
Radio Frequency Systems
Small signal systems
Digital Systems
EMF Devices (Tesla coils, HV, Plasma, Ion)